Q: How many videos has Brady Haran released since C.G.P. Grey last released a video?

Creator Channel Uploaded View Count Title/Link
C.G.P. Grey CGPGrey October 22, 2023 @ 05:34 PM 432374 🐝 Behind the Scenes of Rock, Paper, Scissors! 🪨📄✂️
Brady Haran numberphile November 28, 2023 @ 10:51 AM 58843 What are these strange dice? (Part 2) - Numberphile
Brady Haran numberphile November 27, 2023 @ 01:36 PM 95055 What are these strange dice? - Numberphile
Brady Haran numberphile November 01, 2023 @ 03:37 PM 162433 The Beautiful Math of Snakes and Ladders - Numberphile
Brady Haran numberphile October 29, 2023 @ 04:09 PM 278826 23% Beyond the Riemann Hypothesis - Numberphile
Brady Haran numberphile October 24, 2023 @ 03:37 PM 183953 What's special about 288? - Numberphile
Brady Haran sixtysymbols November 28, 2023 @ 12:03 PM 77731 The Gravitational Wave Background - Sixty Symbols
Brady Haran Objectivity November 02, 2023 @ 02:00 PM 31816 Trolled by a Flat Earther - Objectivity 280

Q: How do their view counts compare?
Grey 432374
Brady: Average 126951

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